TC-12K Royalmax Airbrush Skin Care Kit

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Product Overview

Beauty oxygen skin care kit use the atomization technology of an airbrush to atomize skin care products and cosmetics and spray them on the surface of the skin. It can be used with skin care products such as toner, essence, ampoule, original lotion, etc., to improve the absorption and use effect of skin care products.

Airbrush skin care has been accepted by more and more people for personal use or salon use. Hanfong airbrush skin kits can be widely used in home, salon, aesthetic and medical organ, etc. 

Product Feature

1. Compack Size.
2. Oil-free Design, None Air Pollution.
3. Lightweight and Convenient to Carry.
4.  The Pressure Is Adjustable and Pressure Output Is Stable.
5. Different Colors Available.

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Product SKU:TC-12K

Power: 12V/1.6A
AC Adapter Input: 100V-250V/50-60Hz
DC Adapter Output: 12V/1.6A
Air Flow: 13L/min
Max Pressure: 18PSI
Dimension: 132*92*61mm
Weight: 0.7kg

Airbrush: AB-209 (optional)
Standard Nozzle Dia.: 0.4mm
Alternative Nozzle Dia.: 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm
Cup Capacity: 2cc(optional)
Air Hose: 1.5m

Package Including:
1 x mini air compressor
1 x single action airbrush AB-209
1 x cup
1 x air hose
1 x instruction manual

Applications Areas

Pharmacy Skin Treatment

Beauty Salon Skin Care

Home Skin Care

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