40ml Royalmax Tattoo Fluorescent Ink

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Product Overview

Among the three types of paints: watercolor, resin, and oil extraction, the watercolors are the most widely used. The following is an introduction to watercolors. Watercolor category includes: watercolor, gouache (advertising paint), ink, color ink, Chinese painting paint, etc. Watercolor: It is packed in a tube. It has translucent properties, fine particles, strong adhesion, but weak coverage. If it is used with water pink, the effect will be better. Gouache: It is widely used, pure pigment, bright color, opaque, and strong covering power. Chinese painting paint: It has the characteristics of gouache and watercolor and is an ideal inkjet paint.

Each color must be mastered for its properties, such as black and other mineral pigment particles are relatively coarse, need to be ground before use. For example, pink, eosin, rose red and other colors are poor in coverage, and they often have panchromatic phenomena, so they should be used with caution when painting. Ink is an opaque black pigment with fine and uniform color quality. It is the finest pigment for black and white inkjet works. The pigment of color ink is composed of fine particles, has a unique luster and bright tone, and has good transparency. It can complement the color of the picture without losing the clear structure of the picture. It can also be mixed with other pigments.

Product Feature

1. Different Colors Available.
2. Work with Airbrush Pefectly for Art Painting.
3. Suitable for Models Making.
4. Good for Temporary Tattoos.

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Product SKU: 40ml Royalmax Tattoo Fluorescent Ink

Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue

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1 x 40ml Tattoo Fluorescent Ink

Applications Areas

Model Making

Face & Body Art

Airbrush Painting

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