TC-06AK Royalmax Dual Voltage Membrane Spray Compressor

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Product Overview

Membrane spray compressor is widely used in home decoration, construction scaffolding, advertising, furniture, toys, arts, and crafts, fine arts products, equipment, paint, coating on the surface. Insecticides, spray, air disinfection of flowers, cars, and other vehicles and inflatable balls. Or for use in medical, environmental, chemical, gas, automatic control of scientific research and other industries to provide sources. 

Product Feature

1. Oil free, membrane type, low noise about 55db, no air polluted
2. Small volume, light weight, compact instruction, easy for moving work.
3. The pump has international certificates approved.
4. Long life pass more than 1000 hours continuous test, steady in performance.
5. With light on/off switch, reminding users to shut off the power when not use the compressor.
6. Available for inflating cars and sports balls.

Products Display

Product SKU:TC-06AK

Max Pressure: 3.5Bar/50PSI
Air Flow:65-68L/min
Voltage: Dual Voltage 127V/220V
Speed:1450rpm/50Hz  1700rpm/60Hz
Adapter: 1/4”BSP
Dimension: 376x165x255mm

Package Including:
1 x mini air compressor
1 x air hose AH-31 (1.8m)
1 x spray gun 472P

Carton Dimensions: 44.5x28.6x40.5cm
Net weight: 27KG
Grass weight: 29 KG

Applications Areas

Charging Cars

Charging Balls

Home Painting

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